Daily Writing Prompts - December

December Writing Prompts

Below are daily writing prompts for the month of December. The majority of the prompts are related to the various events on our December Events Calendar. These events include birthdays, holidays, monthly celebrations, and important dates in history. Some of the dates include two different writing prompts to choose from. You can download a PDF form of the writing prompt.

Daily Writing Prompts

Even though your students may not be in class all the days of December, use the prompts from those days as additional writing practice.

Don't forget to also print a copy of our December Events Calendar. This will help you utilize the daily writing prompts.

More Lesson Plans! We also have a bunch of other December Activities, Lesson Plans and Resources.

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December 1
On this day in 1955, Rosa Parks refused to give up her bus seat to a white man.  This was a brave action by Parks.  What is the bravest thing you have ever done?  Be sure to include details about the event and why you think you were brave. Free PDF
December is “Read a New Book Month.”  Create a list of ten (10) possible books you would like to read this month. Free PDF
Today is “National Eat a Red Apple Day.” Red, green, or yellow...which is your favorite? Some believe that ... - Premium Prompt (Grades K-12) *New*
December 2
December is “National Write to a Friend Month.”  Write a letter to one of your friends.  This friend can be anyone and live anywhere. Free PDF
Today is “National Mutt Day.” A mutt is a mixed breed dog. Many mutts find their way into animal shelters. Have you ... - Premium Prompt (Grades K-12) *New*
December 3
On December 3, 1967, the first successful heart transplant was conducted.  It is important to keep your heart, along with the rest of your body, healthy.  Create a list of ten (10) activities that will help keep your heart healthy. Free PDF
Today is “National Roof Over Your Head Day.” This day was established to be thankful for ... - Premium Prompt (Grades K-12) *New*
December 4
On this day in 1877, the phonograph was invented.  This machine allowed people to listen to phonograph records.  How do you think listening to these records was different than listening to today’s CDs?  What may be the advantages and disadvantages of each type of machine? Free PDF
Today is “National Cookie Day.”  Create a new type of cookie.  What are the ingredients?  What is its name?  How would you promote the sale of your cookie?  Be sure to include a drawing of your new cookie. Free PDF
December 4th is “National Cookie Day.” The cookie dates back to Persia in the 7th century. ... - Premium Prompt (Grades K-12) *New*
December 5
On this day in 1901, Walter Elias (Walt) Disney was born in Chicago.  What is your favorite Walt Disney movie and why?  If you haven’t seen any Disney movies, which movie would you like to see and why? Free PDF
The first week of December is “National Hand Washing Awareness Week.” Create a cartoon ... - Premium Prompt (Grades K-12) *New*
December 6
On December 6, 1865, the 13th Amendment was passed.  This amendment abolished, or ended, slavery.  Why do you think it was important for our country to end slavery?  Free PDF
Today is “Saint Nicholas Day.” St. Nicholas was a third century saint who sold everything he owned and gave his money to the poor. He lived his life ... - Premium Prompt (Grades K-12) *New*
December 7
On December 7, 1941, the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor in Honolulu, Hawaii.  This was the beginning of the United State’s involvement in World War II.  Above is photograph of the Memorial.  Using resources in the classroom, learn five (5) facts about this event. Summarize the facts in your own words.  Free PDF
December 7th is “National Cotton Candy Day.” Cotton candy is a favorite of both young and old when they ... - Premium Prompt (Grades K-12) *New*
December 8
December 8 is “National Brownie Day.”  Describe a type of dessert that would include a brownie.  This may be a dessert you have already eaten, or a new dessert you have created yourself. Free PDF
Inventor Eli Whitney was born on this day in 1765.  Whitney is well-known for his invention of the cotton gin.  This machine made the harvesting of cotton much easier for the early farmers.  What is an invention you could create that would help someone complete a job around your house?  Be sure to explain your invention, what it does, and why it will help.  Don’t forget to include a drawing of your invention. Free PDF
Today is “Pretend to be a Time Traveler Day.” Where would you go? Who ... - Premium Prompt (Grades K-12) *New*
December 9
On this day in 1884, the ball-bearing roller skate was patented.  Explain how the roller skate is similar and different from today’s roller blades.  Which would you rather skate on and why? Free PDF
December 9th is “National Pastry Day.” The most common pastry ingredients include: ... - Premium Prompt (Grades K-12) *New*
December 10
December 10th is “Human Rights Day.”  What do you consider to be the rights of every human?  Make a list of your ideas.  Looking at your list, do you think there are certain rights that are less or more important than others?  Explain your thoughts.   Free PDF
December 10th is “Nobel Peace Prize Day.” The Nobel Prize is awarded to people who have benefited mankind ... - Premium Prompt (Grades K-12) *New*
December 11
On this day in 1620, the Pilgrims landed on Plymouth Rock.  Put yourself in the place of a Pilgrim child.  What do you think it would have been like getting off the boat after your long journey across the ocean to your new home?  Would you have been excited to begin your new life in this unknown land?  Or would you have wanted to get back on the boat and go back home? Free PDF
Today is “National Noodle Ring Day.” Noodles can be used for more than ... - Premium Prompt (Grades K-3)
December 12
December 12th is Poinsettia Day.  This day was created to celebrate this popular holiday plant that is actually a plant native to Mexico.  Create a paper craft that you and your class could complete to help celebrate this day. Free PDF
Today is “National Gingerbread House Day.” Gingerbread houses are a staple of the Christmas season. Draw ... - Premium Prompt (Grades K-12) *New*
December 13
December 13th is “National Cocoa Day.”  If you were able to curl up with a warm cup of cocoa (hot chocolate) and your favorite book, what book would you select and why? Free PDF
December 13th is “National Violin Day.” The violin has ancient roots. It is a popular stringed instrument that is played by people all over ... - Premium Prompt (Grades K-12) *New*
December 14
On December 14, 1911, the South Pole was discovered.  If you were able to travel to the South Pole, who would you want to take along with you and why?  You can choose from anyone – someone you know, someone famous, someone alive, someone who is no longer living, anyone. Free PDF
Today is “National Bouillabaisse Day.” Bouillabaisse is a seafood stew. Many people have a strong opinion ... - Premium Prompt (Grades K-12) *New*
December 15
December 15th is known as “Bill of Rights Day.”  Using resources in the classroom, learn five (5) facts about the Bill of Rights and summarize them in your own words.  In your summary, be sure to include why the Bill of Rights is so important to our way of life. Free PDF
Today is “National Cat Herders Day.” Herding cats is an expression used to describe a job that is hard. What is ... - Premium Prompt (Grades K-12) *New*
December 16
On December 16, 1773, the Boston Tea Party took place.  This was an historic event in colonial history.  Using resources in the classroom, learn five (5) facts about the Boston Tea Party and summarize them in your own words. Free PDF
December 16th is “National Chocolate-covered Anything Day.” What is your ... - Premium Prompt (Grades K-12) *New*
December 17
On this day in 1903, the Wright Brothers made their first flight.  Orville and Wilbur had to do a great deal of teamwork in order to be successful.  Think of a time that you were involved in teamwork.  Explain the situation and why you feel teamwork was needed to be successful. Free PDF
Today is “National Maple Syrup Day.” Sugar is made by the tree’s leaves during the summer, it is stored in the roots, and as winter ends and the temperatures warms up, maple trees ... - Premium Prompt (Grades K-12) *New*
December 18
On December 18, 1886, baseball great Ty Cobb, was born.  Baseball is considered to be “America’s Pastime.”  How do you think this statement came to be?  Why do think the game of baseball was selected? Free PDF
December is “National Root Vegetables Month.” Some of the more popular root vegetables include: carrots, onions, yams, and beets. The less common veggies ... - Premium Prompt (Grades K-12) *New*
December 19
December 19th is “National Oatmeal Muffin Day.”  Muffins are a great choice as a part of a healthy breakfast.  Eating a healthy breakfast can help you perform better in school.  Persuade a classmate or sibling to eat a healthy breakfast everyday. Free PDF
December 19th is “National Hard Candy Day.” Draw a picture and write a sentence ... - Premium Prompt (Grades K-2) *New*
December 19th is “National Hard Candy Day.” Chocolate, chewy, hard. We all love different types ... - Premium Prompt (Grades 3-12) *New*
December 20
December 20th is “Games Day.”  Think about all the different games you play.  Now think of your favorite two.  How could you combine these two games to make one new game?  What would you call this new game?  What rules would the game have?  How would someone win the game? Free PDF
On December 20th, 1879 Thomas Edison privately demonstrated his incandescent light bulb invention. This was one of his many important inventions. Out of millions ... - Premium Prompt (Grades K-12) *New*
December 21
Today, December 21st, is the first day of winter.  What is your favorite winter activity that involves snow and why?  If you don’t live in an area that receives snow, what snow activity would you most like to do and why? Free PDF
On this day, the first crossword puzzle was published in a newspaper.  Using one of the subjects you are currently studying, write at least 10 clues for a crossword puzzle that you could create and give to a classmate.  Using graph paper or the computer, you can then create your puzzle. Free PDF (Teachers - your students can utilize The Teacher's Corner's Crossword Puzzle page for this activity.)
Today is “National Crossword Puzzle Day.” Puzzles are a great way to give ... - Premium Prompt (Grades K-12) *New*
December 22
On this day in 1882, the first Christmas lights were sold.  Why do you think people enjoy decorating with Christmas lights?  How do you think this tradition began?  Does your family decorate with lights for Christmas or any other holiday?  Free PDF
Every Thursday before Christmas is “National Re-Gifting Day.” What are the advantages ... - Premium Prompt (Grades K-12) *New*
December 23
December 23rd is known as “Roots Day.”  These “roots” refer to your family.  Make a list of all your family members.  With some help from an adult, create a family tree that shows the relationships between all of the family members. Free PDF
December 23rd is “National Roots Day.” Not tree roots, but our family roots. This day encourages us to learn more about our family history and ... - Premium Prompt (Grades K-2) *New*
December 23rd is “National Roots Day.” Not tree roots, but our family roots. ... - Premium Prompt (Grades 3-12) *New*
December 24
On this day in 1968, Apollo 8 reached the moon.  Would you liked to have been one of the first astronauts to reach the moon?  Why or why not? Free PDF
Tomorrow is Christmas. Another December holiday that begins around this same time is Chanuka. No matter which holiday you may ... - Premium Prompt (Grades K-12) *New*
December 25
Today is Christmas. Gifts are often a focus of this day. Describe the best gift you have GIVEN someone else. Explain who that person was, what you gave them, why you gave them that specific gift, and what made that gift-giving experience special. Free PDF
December 25th is “National Pumpkin Pie Day.”  Make a list of all the fruits and vegetables that are used to make different varieties of pies.  Are there any fruits or vegetables that you think should be used for pies and currently are not?  Which type of pie is your favorite and why? Free PDF
December 25th is “National Pumpkin Pie Day.” This popular American pie is often eaten in the fall and winter, around Thanksgiving and ... - Premium Prompt (Grades K-12) *New*
December 26
Kwanzaa, an African Harvest Festival, begins the last week of December.  Using resources in the classroom, learn five (5) facts about the festival and summarize them in your own words.  Do you know someone who celebrates Kwanzaa? Free PDF
December 26th is “National Whiners Day.”  You or your classmates may sometimes whine about the food served at your school cafeteria.  Do you like the food your school serves?  Explain.  If you don’t like the food, what would you change and why?  Free PDF
Today is “National Thank-you Note Day.” Take some time to write ... - Premium Prompt (Grades K-12) *New*
December 27
December 27th is “Visit the Zoo Day.”  When people visit zoos, they get the opportunity to see a variety of different animals.  Do you believe that zoos are a good thing to have?  Why or why not? Free PDF
Tomorrow, December 28th, is “National Pledge of Allegiance Day.” Take a minute to really think about ... - Premium Prompt (Grades K-12) *New*
December 28
On December 28, 1846, Iowa became the 29th state.  Using resources in the classroom, learn five (5) facts about the state of Iowa and summarize them in your own words.  After you have learned about the state, would you like to visit Iowa?  Why or why not? Free PDF
On this day in 1869, chewing gum was patented.  Even though gum is for chewing, list as many other uses for gum as you can think of.  Free PDF
December 28th is “National Card Playing Day.” What is your favorite ... - Premium Prompt (Grades K-12) *New*
December 29
On December 29, 1845, Texas became the 28th state.  Using resources in the classroom, learn five (5) facts about the state of Texas and summarize them in your own words.  After you have learned about the state, would you like to visit Texas?  Why or why not? Free PDF
Today is “National Tick Tock Day.” This day is to remind you that there are only two days left in the year. Do you have ... - Premium Prompt (Grades K-12) *New*
December 30
Tomorrow will be New Year's Eve. Begin thinking about your New Year's Resolutions or Goals. Record them on a paper and place them in a location where you will be able to see them often. Free PDF
Today is “National Bacon Day.” They always say, “everything is better with bacon”. Share ... - Premium Prompt (Grades K-12) *New*
December 31
December 31st is New Year’s Eve.  It is the last day of the year.  Think back to everything that happened over the course of this last year.  Choose from the following to write about:

  • Most exciting event
  • Saddest event
  • Happiest event
  • Most surprising event
  • Event that you wish you could change
  • Event that you wish would have happened, but didn’t Free PDF
Today is “New Year’s Eve.” What are your ... - Premium Prompt (Grades K-12) *New*

DISCLAIMER: We have provided “suggested” grade levels for some of our writing daily prompts. These suggestions are made based on the content of the prompt, the interest level of the topic, or the level of background knowledge needed to have the most success possible with the prompt. Please remember that these are suggestions only and each prompt can be modified as needed by you, the teacher. Don’t hesitate to get creative and rework the prompt to best fit the age/needs of your students!

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